Studies have demonstrated that continual learning and development builds on the commitment level, motivation and focus of individuals.  Our presentations are designed to refine the inter-personal behaviours that can significantly impact on clients and your business reputation. Topics available include:

Mastering First Impressions
In business, perception means everything! This topic explores the importance of positive first impressions through visual impact.  In this interactive workshop, learn how to increase competitive power, maximise opportunities and manage perceptions to your professional advantage. Remember, we only get one chance to impress and the first few seconds are critical.

Powerful Personal Branding
Ever considered what message your brand conveys?  Personal branding relates to the way we market ourselves to others and portrays our value proposition. Interestingly, an individual's personal brand will impact on both purchasing decisions and career progression.  This presentation demonstrates how to streamline your brand, build authenticity and methods to promote your profile.

Corporate Image and Style - Ladies / Gentlemen
Personal packaging speaks volumes! This session increases confidence and empowers participants to choose correct attire to support their role and meet client expectations.  We can develop a corporate dress code, outlining appropriate professional and business casual guidelines. Our qualified image consultant is also able to assist with executive presentation and personal shopping.

Business and Social Protocol
Impress clients with impeccable professional and social courtesies! In today's competitive climate, correct introductions, handshaking, dining skills, entertainment and other related protocols are paramount in day to day business encounters. Build on your professional confidence and style by mastering the nuances of correct behaviour for any situation.

Effective Networking Strategies
Talk costs nothing! The value of effective networking is difficult to quantify, however, mastering the art allows you to rise above competitors. Develop strategies to build lasting, business relationships and discover how to nurture key alliances beyond the business card. Networking protocol, suggested small talk and other tips are incorporated.

Time Management Techniques
Do you every wish you had more time to manage your workload? Effective time management involves implementing techniques to plan and schedule time, with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity.  Learn strategies that will ensure you meet objectives, reduce pressure and successfully meet business expectations in a timely manner. 

Client Service Excellence 
Business isn’t business – business is personal! Clients are people with real expectations, needs and concerns. Implementing superior service costs nothing and provides a distinct sales advantage. Build on current techniques and develop strategies for client retention and increased referrals. Learn how to WOW clients with just you! 

Asian Business Etiquette 
Preparing to go Global? Many organisations today are entering the international market and conducting business within the Asia-Pacific region.  Displaying an understanding of Asian customs and business practices such as proper form in greeting rituals, exchange of business cards, gift giving and entertainment  assists in fruitful negotiations and international success. 

Powerful Presentations
Have you ever been required to deliver a presentation or 'pitch' to a client? If so, chances are that the possibility of doing so has filled you with fear.  Presentations can be daunting, however, the ability to deliver an effective pitch is a valuable management skill.  Discover the importance of structure, content and tips to influence and persuade your listener.  

Sessions are participatory and our expert presenters encourage interaction from attendees. We believe that through enjoyment, the learning process is enhanced.

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